How To Select The Best Frames To Hang Your Clothes

Not all clothing hanging frames are made equal. They can differ based on size, material made of and the shape as well. Therefore selecting the best ones for your clothing will help you stay organised and also protect the quality of your clothing as well. Let’s look at some factors to consider when selecting your frames in the future.

Shape of the frame

There are two main shapes out there and one is called flat while the other is called contoured. Considering the shape is very important especially when it comes to the type of clothing you are going to put on them. Quality hangers that are curved or shaped are ideal for storing suits and dresses. They are also good for the more expensive clothing items. The curved shape ensures that the clothing with delicate shapes is maintained. The flat version is ideal for saving space.

What they are used for

You will also find specifically designed hangers that are created with a particular function in mind. Therefore you need to use them in the appropriate manner. For an example you will find frames with clips on them for skirts and pants or suit hangers that come with an extra bar for the pants. There are also padded and delicate versions for lingerie and other lightweight clothing items.

Size of the frames

The next most important thing is the size of the frames. Usually you will find that normal everyday used versions are half an inch think and they will fit most kinds of clothing used daily. For items that are heavier such as coats and robes then you will need to use those that are at least one inch thick. The width of the frame is also another factor to look at. It is advisable to use one that is right for the shoulder length of the clothing item. If you use one that is too small the clothing item will sag and it will stretch if the opposite is used. For an example bulk coat hangers Australia should be ten inches in width.

Your taste and needs

Selecting these frames based on your needs and taste is also important. Sometimes you may just need them for functional use such as saving space in the closet, in such instances the flat or metal versions are the best. If displaying your clothing is what you prefer then using wooden stylish hangers are the best option. Therefore you need to focus on the space you are trying to put the clothes in and your tastes as well. This will also be the same if you are displaying clothes in a shop. As you can see the right tool used for the right clothing can help to protect them and increase their lifespan as well.

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